All work and services we undertake are subject to these terms and conditions. They are deemed to have been accepted by you either if you accept our quotation or if you have visited our website.

Any quotation from us is conditional upon the job being as you described to us. If we subsequently discover that the job is not as you have described and will require larger costs to us than the information provided by you had indicated, we will adjust the quotation accordingly.

If you require us to enter and remove objects from a property (the “Property") you warrant to us and keep us fully indemnified against loss or damage or liability howsoever arising from any and all breaches of such warranty that: -

You are lawfully entitled to allow us access to the Property

The Property is safe for us and our subcontractors to enter and to carry out our normal work in.

You have taken all reasonable steps to ensure there are no items in the Property of which you are unaware and which in the ordinary course of our business we would be likely to remove / clear.

You have the absolute right to dispose at your sole and excusive discretion of all items and objects in the Property which in the ordinary course of our business we would be likely to remove and/or clear or which you ask us to remove and/or clear. This includes items removed for sale on your behalf by requiring us to remove or clear objects from the Property.

All objects which we do remove or clear become ours outright and in all respects to do with as we see fit at our sole and exclusive discretion with the sole exception of specific and specified objects which have been notified to us verbally and in writing prior to our entering the Property for the first time and in respect of which notification our written acknowledgement has been given to and received by you.

There are no appliances to be removed and/or cleared from the Property which have not been disconnected or which reasonably or lawfully would require a qualified plumber, electrician or gas engineer to disconnect.

There is nothing and are no objects in the Property which it would be unsafe for us or our subcontractors to be in contact with or unsafe for us or our subcontractors to remove or clear.

If there are items of a hazardous nature we require you to inform us in advance of the scheduled work and before we enter the property.

In the event that there are objects in the Property which are not to be included in the clearance and/or removal you will before we enter the Property notify us both verbally and in writing of the detailed location and detailed description of such objects and have obtained from us our verbal and written acknowledgement of that notification.

All and any valuations which we may make are made without liability or responsibility on our part.

If you request us to sell any object(s) on your behalf our sole obligation is to arrange for it/them to be offered for sale at auction without reserve (unless you advise us in writing and received from us written acknowledgement of such advice that a reserve is required) or if that is not practicable to a trade buyer at arms length from us for such price as is offered and paid without any obligation on us to offer the object(s) to more than one such buyer, our sole obligation being to sell at arm length (unless you advise us in writing and received from us written acknowledgement of such advice that a minimum price is required).

All amounts owed to us shall be paid immediately upon demand from us
We will accept liability for loss or damage caused by our negligence provided always that any claim is made by you verbally and in writing without delay as soon as the loss or damage comes to your attention.